About Little Sportsman Inc.

About Little Jake and His Adventures

Little Jake Adventures are sure to become instant classics. Wonderful stories and amazing illustrations will capture the hearts and minds of young sportsmen everywhere.

The most important thing we can do as sportsmen, to ensure a healthy future in the hunting and shooting sports, is to recruit Tomorrow's sportsmen today.

Little Jake is a fictional character in his late teens. While small in stature so that young children may relate to him, Little Jake is old enough to hunt and fish safely on his own without adult supervision. As this series evolves with new titles, readers will learn more about Little Jake, his background and family. Soon we will be introduced to Little Jane (Little Jake’s younger sister) through her own book series.

Every Little Jake Adventure has a theme. Whether it be a Father and Son bonding experience such as LITTLE JAKE HUNTS ALASKA, or hunting for a purpose in LITTLE JAKE AND THE THREE BEARS. Each book also illustrates a high level of hunting ethics, that every future sportsman must learn.

At Little Sportsman, we believe you’re never too young to be introduced to the outdoors.

Robert H. Jacobs Jr.

Robert studied both Elementary Education and Business at Dixie College. He has been an avid hunter and fisherman his entire life and involved in the hunting industry for many years. Robert and wife Natalie are the parents of 1 daughter and 4 boys, including a set of triplet boys. They reside in Oak City, Utah.